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International Shipping
Does AGD ship internationally?
  Update July 1st 2021

AGD will try and ship to wherever someone requests our products. However due to restrictions, taxes, and duties our system is not able to automate a shipping charge to international customers at this time.
Changes in both the UK and the EU in the VAT and duties collection process has significantly altered the once easy way to ship into those area's. For now, the only method is to shop and write down all the items codes and the quantities you want and then send us an email with your details and the items you need. Please include your name, shipping address, email and phone number. We will return the email with a shipping quote and total plus any restrictions that need to be met. International payments are only handled through PayPal.
Please note: A minimum purchase dollar amount over $200 may be required to ship internationally to some area's.

Insurance for lost international shipments is not automatic. A Customer can choose to include insurance for any package. We do not include it automatically.
First Class International package shipping is not tracked like Priority Mail service. AGD/Fox Paintball will not be responsible for packages lost in International mail services, period.
AGD/Fox Paintball will do it's best to locate any lost Priority Mail packages, but once the package has left our facility we are no longer responsible.
This means international shipments are solely the purchasers responsibility once we've shipped. will not be responsible to replace or refund lost shipments.

Product ordered must fit inside the proper box selected for shipping. In other words you cannot select a Priority small flat rate box for a Marker. It does not fit. Orders that select improper shipping options will be delayed and subject to further charges.

Any and all issues with your countries Customs is the customers responsibility. Once the item is delivered into your countries mail and Customs system it is no longer AGD's responsibility. Insurance will not cover packages seized by Customs.

Please be advised as of 7/6/2017 we have been informed that German Customs will not allow the shipment of paintball guns without a proper Stamp. Parts may be ok, but there are no guarantees.
What are my payment choices?
  For international payments right now we only use Paypal.
What are my shipping charges and when will my order ship?
  We use the USPS to calculate shipping charges. International shipments have a minor surcharge added to most orders due to to the extra time to expedite orders.
International orders are shipped once complete contact information and a clear shipping address has been established a proper shipping cost has been determined and payment has been made.International orders may take extra time as shipments are required to be submitted in person with the post office or handed directly to a carrier. International mail cannot be simply dropped off like domestic mail.

AGD/Fox Paintball/Fox River Games inc. has the right to deny any international shipment if we feel the shipment has a compromised address or contact information. We also have the right to adjust charges due to incorrectly calculated charges from the USPS automated system or due to other reasonable factors which would increase our expense to fulfill an international order. These costs may be added to an order or invoice prior to shipping but after an order has been automatically processed. This may result in additional funds being owed as a result. Shipments will be delayed until these funds are paid in full.

All expenses of shipping, Customs duty and taxes are the responsibility of the receiver. Any packages delayed, returned, confiscated or held for Customs reasons during international shipments will not be refunded.