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Barrel / Regulator Velocity Nut O-Ring 4-Pack

Classic Barrel Oring for twist lock, bayonet mount barrels.
Also used with part #000845 Regulator Nut Assembly as the tension o-ring.

Price: $4.00
Field Strip Screw Assembly

The Field Strip Screw holds your valve in place. Also fastens the Emag battery to the frame.

Price: $9.00
FN Bolt Spring

This is the longest spring and is uncut. Get this if you want to cut down the spring yourself for maximum performance.

Price: $4.00
L10 Backup Washer 3-Pack

Sold in packs of 3.

Price: $3.00
L10 Bolt Assy w/Foamie

Lightweight replacement Bolt comes with a Foamie designed exclusively for the LvL 10 Super Bolt Kit. This is NOT a complete kit.

Price: $60.00
L10 Bolt Kit

The Level 10 Low Impact Superbolt Kit reduces paint chopping. This is not a "drop-in and shoot" part - you'll need to tune it according to the enclosed instructions.

Price: $100.00
L10 Bolt Spring

Tuning the LvL10 is accomplished by switching main springs. This is the
medium length spring that most people use with excellent results.

Price: $4.00
L10 Carrier Assembly

Carrier for the Power Tube O-ring.

Price: $5.00
L10 Carrier OD O-Ring - 10-Pack

This is a Buna O-ring that seals the outside of the carrier.
Sold in packs of 10.

Price: $5.00
L10 Power Tube O-Ring (RT Reg Seat O-Ring) 4-Pack

The Regulator Seat O-ring is the business end of the regulator.  Replace if you are having problems with velocity.
Sold in packs of 4.

Price: $4.00
L10 Power Tube Tip Assembly

Specially designed Power Tube Tip for the LvL 10 kits. Do not use any other!

Price: $10.00
L10 Shim .010 - 6-Pack

The shims do the same thing the old spacers did and prevent bolt stick. Usually two do the trick but not always.
Sold in a 6-pack.

Price: $3.00
Large Regulator Spring-Retro

The Retro Valve uses two coil springs behind the Regulator Piston.  This is the larger of the two. Should never need replacing - just keep it greased.

Price: $4.00
On/Off (small) O-Ring Retro 4-Pack

This urethane o-ring goes inside the On/Off Top and On/Off Bottom assembly. Also used in the top of the ULT on/off assembly.
Now sold in packs of 4.

Price: $4.00
On/Off Assembly .750 - RT ULE/RT Pro/Retro/RT/X-Valve

This is the stock On/Off Assembly for the RT ULE Custom, RT Pro Retro Valve, X-Valve and old Automag RT markers.

Price: $35.00
On/Off Bottom - Retro

On/Off Bottom is the lower half of the assembly. It screws into the On/Off  Top.

Price: $13.00
On/Off Pin - RT/X-Valve/Emag/Retro

This on/off pin has a large head which makes it different from the Standard Valve. This feature contributes to the Reactive Trigger of all incarnations of the RT and Retro Valves.

Price: $8.00
On/Off Top - Retro

On/Off Top is the upper half of the assembly. The On/Off Bottom screws into it.

Price: $10.00
Reg Valve Pin Assembly - Retro

The Regulator Pin comes as an assembly.  Just push it in place and it should be good to go.  If you have problems with this part call the factory.

Price: $27.00
Reg. Body O-Ring Retro 3-Pack

The Reg. Body O-Ring seals the two halves of the Valve Body together. Comes in the Parts Kit also.
Sold in packs of 3.

Price: $3.00
Reg. Valve Pin O-Ring - Retro/Reg Seat 3000 4-Pack

Marker: Four of these size O-rings are used in the Retro Valve pin assembly.
Flatline: Regulator seat for the Flatline 3000 only.
Sold here in a 4-pack.

Price: $4.00
Regulator Nut Assembly - Retro

The Regulator Nut screws into the back of the valve and adjust the velocity.  Keep the threads lubricated with a good grease.

Price: $15.00
Regulator Piston Assembly - Retro/RT

The Regulator Piston comes as an assembly that has a built in blow-off valve. Do not disassemble! Replace this part when air is venting out the back of the marker and you are shooting less than 300 FPS.

Price: $25.00
Regulator Seat Holder - Retro

The Regulator Seat Holder holds the O-ring that acts as the regulator seal.

Price: $8.00
Retro Bumper 2-Pack

This clear urethane washer sits at the base of your power tube. Should be replaced about once a year.
Now sold in packs of 2.

Price: $4.00
RT Banjo Bolt O-Ring 4-Pack

For RT Banjo Bolts only.
Now sold in packs of 4.

Price: $4.00
Small Reg. Spring - Retro

This is the smaller of the two springs that go under the Reg Nut in the back of the valve.  The springs assemble one inside the other.

Price: $4.00
ULT Shims 6-Pack

6 pack of ULT shims.

Price: $3.00
ULT Zero Pull Oring - 2 Pack

Tiny oring that seals the ULT pin. Sold in sets of two orings.

Price: $2.50

All aluminum with hyper-fast recharge makes this our most popular upgrade!

Price: $265.00