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AM/MM On/Off Assembly

Direct Replacement that fits both Automag and Minimag Stainless Valve Bodies.

Price: $15.00
Bolt - Foamie

Bolts from AGD are made from hardened stainless for extra long life. This is the foamie style.

Price: $35.00
Bolt - Foamieless

Bolts from AGD are made from hardened stainless for extra long life. This one is the Foamieless Style.

Price: $35.00
Bolt Spring

The Bolt Spring fits all AGD markers regardless of age or type. They are made from very special square wire so they don't fold inside themselves when collapsed. Replace your old springs when they sag below the front of the bolt.

Price: $4.00
Bumper 3-Pack

This is a urethane washer that sits at the base of the power tube.
When the bolt returns, it hits this to decelerate.
Now sold in packs of 3.

Price: $3.00
Foamie 4-Pack

Rubber foamies go easy on paint! These are replacements for the foamie bolt. Glue them in with superglue and let dry overnight.
Pack of 4.

Price: $4.00
L10 Power Tube O-Ring (RT Reg Seat O-Ring) 4-Pack

The Regulator Seat O-ring is the business end of the regulator.  Replace if you are having problems with velocity.
Sold in packs of 4.

Price: $4.00
Large Regulator Spring-Retro

The Retro Valve uses two coil springs behind the Regulator Piston.  This is the larger of the two. Should never need replacing - just keep it greased.

Price: $4.00
On/Off (small) O-Ring Retro 4-Pack

This urethane o-ring goes inside the On/Off Top and On/Off Bottom assembly. Also used in the top of the ULT on/off assembly.
Now sold in packs of 4.

Price: $4.00
On/Off Bottom

Bottom part in your On/Off assembly. Made from high quality 303 stainless.

Price: $6.00
On/Off Bottom - Retro

On/Off Bottom is the lower half of the assembly. It screws into the On/Off  Top.

Price: $13.00
On/Off Pin - AM/MM

The On/Off Pin controls air flow in your marker. It is a critical precision component and should not be modified. Hardened and chrome plated for extra long life.

Price: $5.00
On/Off Top

This part is one of several in the On/Off assembly. They all have names that start with On/Off to let you know where they go. This part can go in either way. Precision part, do not substitute with aftermarket items.

Price: $7.00
On/Off Top - Retro

On/Off Top is the upper half of the assembly. The On/Off Bottom screws into it.

Price: $10.00
Plastic Nubbins 4-Pack

These were tested by our crack R&D team on www.automags.org before anyone else even heard about them.

Price: $6.00
Power Tube O-Ring 4-Pack

This is the most common size o-ring in the marker. Used in the Power Tube and the On/Off assembly.
Now sold in packs of 4.

Price: $4.00
Power Tube Tip Assembly

This item screws into the end of the Power Tube and is a precision part. It releases the air blast behind the ball in a controlled manner so the air hits the ball with low pressure to gently accelerate it out the barrel.

Price: $10.00
Power Tube Tip O-Ring 3-Pack

Keeps the Power Tube Tip from loosening up.
Now sold in packs of 3.

Price: $3.00
Reg Valve Pin Assembly - Retro

The Regulator Pin comes as an assembly.  Just push it in place and it should be good to go.  If you have problems with this part call the factory.

Price: $27.00
Reg. Body O-Ring 2-Pack

The Reg. Body O-Ring seals the two halves of the Valve Body together. Comes in the Parts Kit also.
Now sold in 2 pack.

Price: $5.00
Reg. Body O-Ring Retro 3-Pack

The Reg. Body O-Ring seals the two halves of the Valve Body together. Comes in the Parts Kit also.
Sold in packs of 3.

Price: $3.00
Reg. Valve Pin O-Ring - Retro/Reg Seat 3000 4-Pack

Marker: Four of these size O-rings are used in the Retro Valve pin assembly.
Flatline: Regulator seat for the Flatline 3000 only.
Sold here in a 4-pack.

Price: $4.00
Regulator Nut

The very back of the marker has this adjustment nut to change your velocity. Made from high quality stainless steel.
On the Flatline, the regulator nut adjusts the output pressure.

Price: $10.00
Regulator Nut Assembly - Retro

The Regulator Nut screws into the back of the valve and adjust the velocity.  Keep the threads lubricated with a good grease.

Price: $15.00
Regulator Piston Assembly

The Regulator Piston has a built in blow-off valve that will leak air if your marker becomes over pressurized. The blow-off resets once your pressure goes back to normal. This safety feature is found exclusively in AGD markers.

Price: $18.00
Regulator Piston Assembly - Retro/RT

The Regulator Piston comes as an assembly that has a built in blow-off valve. Do not disassemble! Replace this part when air is venting out the back of the marker and you are shooting less than 300 FPS.

Price: $25.00
Regulator Piston O-Ring 4-Pack

This O-ring goes around the Regulator Piston and is a wear item. Replace when the marker has erratic velocity problems and you have tried everything else.
Now sold in packs of 4.

Price: $4.00
Regulator Seat 3-Pack

The Regulator Seat is the most abused part of the marker. It opens and closes with every shot and every piece of dirt in your air system eventually goes through it.
Pack of 3.

Price: $4.50
Regulator Seat Holder - Retro

The Regulator Seat Holder holds the O-ring that acts as the regulator seal.

Price: $8.00
Regulator Valve Pin and Spring

This part works in conjunction with the Regulator Seat to control the
air pressure in the chamber.

Price: $9.00