Because Quality Always Shoots Straight

Since the introduction of the Automag in 1990 and the subsequent 1990 International Championship win by sponsored team Swarm, Airgun Designs and the Automag have made a lasting impression on the paintball industry. During the rise of paintball in the 1990's Airgun Designs remained at the top of the paintball gun manufacturing chain. It's patented regulated blow forward design and bullet proof construction didn't allow much room for competitors to join them at the top. The only competitor to rise to the occasion was Bud Orr with the Autococker. Together, AGD and WGP reigned supreme for the better part of a decade.

In the early to mid 2000's, AGD introduced two electronic markers the E-Mag and the X-Mag. Production on the models was set back by lawsuits and issues relating to the patent of electronic firing systems in paintball guns. By 2005 AGD fell behind in the arms race of electronic guns and the company specifically known as Airgun Designs was shut down and the owner and inventor Tom Kaye exited the paintball industry. Dave Zupan, one of the head engineers at AGD decided to continue to make parts and guns relating to the mechanical side of Airgun Designs as well as support the existing population of AGD product already out there and with permission continued on as Airgun Designs USA. Dave carried on for 10 years selling and making parts to keep automags going. In 2015 Dave handed over the retail component to Tim Glavin from Fox Paintball. Tim known as "Sandman" has been involved with AGD for many years working with the company from 1989 to 1991 during the formation years. Tim also played with SWARM and was the player that hung the last flag on Navarone in 1990 to win the first world championship with Automags. Tim acquired and set-up as the new home for AGD parts.

Today AGD is continuing to support the X-Valve and it's ULE components in brand new configurations. We are starting to work with Industry partners that have helped keep AGD product alive for the last decade. These partner are helping to develop new products to work with existing and potentially newer AGD paintball products. AGD will also continue to support its legacy products for as long as the cost and sales are reasonable enough to keep producing and supplying the parts. AGD is working to do its part in keeping classic paintball alive and well for future generations of paintball players.