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Regulator Valve Pin O-Ring - XM/RT/ULE Regulator Seat - 4 Pack PowerHouse Regulator for AGD
Marker: Four of these size O-rings are used in the Retro Valve pin assembly.
Flatline: Regulator seat for the Flatline 3000 only.
Sold here in a 4-pack.
Powerhouse regulators have shown the paintball industry how a quality regulator should act and how one should be built.  Now AGD has added Powerhouse to their house with the Haymkr regulator built for AGD specs.  The AGD version outputs a solid 850 psi of pressure to energize you Automag with the most consistent supply of air pressure it needs.  This regulator will work with any Automag version you use.   Built with a stainless threaded cartridge you now can own a regulator that will last right along side your Automag.  Does not come with a tank.  Requires a 4500 psi tested air tank to thread onto.   Comes with great support from Powerhouse.