Factory Rebuild and Repair Information and Authorization
Factory rebuild and repair your AGD products.

This form is for submitting non-warranty items for factory repair and rebuilds. It is not for sending in a warranty repair. Please use the warranty repair section to send in items under warranty.

  • DO NOT send us your barrel, hopper, drop forward, hoses, sights, sight rails, butt stocks, air fittings or air system with a marker unless they are specifically involved with the problem. In other words, send the bare minimum needed to effect repairs. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE for lost equipment which was sent in unnecessarily, and such equipment WILL NOT be replaced if it ends up missing.
  • If you are sending in a marker equipped with a Level 10 bolt, also send in your entire Level 10 kit. If the kit is not sent in and we have to install one or more parts that are included in the kit, you will be charged for any such parts.
  • If you check the "No Signature Required" box below, we are not responsible if the package is missing after UPS delivers it. We WILL initiate a trace at your request.
  • We cannot guarantee return of a product by any particular date. Our normal turnaround is to ship the repaired product out within two weeks of the date we check it in. This does not mean you will receive it within two weeks, but that our goal is to ship it within two weeks. This is not always possible, depending on workload.
  • If we determine that charges will apply for any reason, we will contact you to make arrangements for payment before completing work. Be sure you give us a daytime phone number where we can reach you or leave a message that you're certain to receive. If we cannot contact you for payment information within 30 days of checking in the gun, we will simply put it aside until we hear from you. If charges apply, we will not work on the gun without having payment arrangements.
  • Equipment repairs not paid for after 90 days will be considered abandoned and will be disposed of in whatever manner we deem appropriate to recover repair expense
  • Automag & Minimag $55
  • RT, RT ULE, RT Pro $75
  • Emag $100

Please use this form only for AIRGUN DESIGNS PRODUCTS.