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3k Flatline On/Off Valve 3k Flatline On/Off Valve

The valve stem that holds the on/off oring for the built in shut off
valve.  Can only be replaced by removing the regulator from the tank.

Price: $10.00
4500 Tank Burst Disk 4500 Tank Burst Disk

This is the burst disk for the Flatline 4500 psi Regulator. It is rated at 7000 psi burst and should not be confused with the 3k Flatline version.

Price: $6.00
Dovetail Adapter for Flatlines Dovetail Adapter for Flatlines

Just so you can get going quickly, AGD includes a drop forward with the standard 3k Flatlines. For those of you (more like ALL of you) who want to upgrade, here is a must-have accessory.

Price: $20.00
Drop Forward - Discontinued Drop Forward - Discontinued

A simple and inexpensive drop forward for your Flatline 4500 or 3000 psi system. Bolts to the bottom of your grip frame.

Price: $15.00
Discontinued Part
Flatline Mount Flatline Mount

Clamp ring for both the 3000 and 4500 system.  Can mount either the Dovetail Adaptor or the Drop Forward.

Price: $10.00
No longer available
Flatline Parts Kit 3K Flatline Parts Kit 3K

Flatline kit comes with everything you need for your 3000 series!

Price: $8.00
Knob Screw Knob Screw

On/Off Knob is held on with this screw.

Price: $1.00
Locking Jam Nut Locking Jam Nut

All stainless jam nut to lock the regulator adjusting nut on the Flatline Regulator.

Price: $6.00
Male Quick Disconnect Nipple Male Quick Disconnect Nipple

You will also need to purchase the Tank Regulator
Check Valve, which goes inside the Fill Port Nipple,
to use this on a Flatline Tank.

Price: $8.00
Mounting Locknut Mounting Locknut

Nuts for the clamp ring mount.

Price: $0.50
On/Off O-Ring RT or ULT small 4-Pack On/Off O-Ring RT or ULT small 4-Pack

This urethane o-ring goes inside the On/Off Top and On/Off Bottom assembly. Also used in the top of the ULT on/off assembly.
Now sold in packs of 4.

Price: $4.00
Spring Pack Assembly - Flatline Spring Pack Assembly - Flatline

The spring pack goes under the regulator nut.

Price: $12.00
Tank 4500 On/Off Valve Tank 4500 On/Off Valve

The valve stem that holds the oring for the built in shut off valve in the 4500 system.  Must remove regulator from tank to replace.

Price: $10.00
Tank 4500 Reg Piston Assembly Tank 4500 Reg Piston Assembly

Regulator piston for the 4500 system.  It comes assembled with a  built in overpressure blow off for safety.

Price: $20.00
Tank Regulator Check Valve Tank Regulator Check Valve

The Tank Regulator Check Valve (Check Valve Assembly) goes inside the fill port nipple and comes with o-ring installed.

Price: $7.00
Tank Regulator Knob Assembly Tank Regulator Knob Assembly

Sold with set screw, twist on, twist off!!

Price: $11.00
Tank Regulator On/Off Assembly Tank Regulator On/Off Assembly

Comes with the o-rings installed, this is the cam that is functional part of the on/off valve in the Flatline.

Price: $15.00
Tank Regulator Spacer Tank Regulator Spacer

O-ring support for the shut off valve.

Price: $5.00
Tank Regulator Spring - Discontinued Tank Regulator Spring - Discontinued

Goes in the back of the regulator and activates the shut off valve.

Price: $2.00
Warp Cover Screw Warp Cover Screw

Special plastic screws. Do not use substitutes.

Price: $0.25