Information about warranty on products purchased from Airgun designs.


There is no longer any warranty coverage on any Original, Classic or Legacy Airgun Design Products. The star program has been terminated for years. NOS (New Old Stock) AGD products found and sold by individuals or dealers online are not covered. Only new, recently produced and factory sold product are covered by a limited warranty.

We offer a 1 year limited warranty from the date of original retail purchase on all brand new markers and "New Old Stock" Markers Sold in the AGD store. This limited warranty covers material, manufacturing, and assembly defects. It does not cover normal wear and tear or abuse. Abuse includes accidental damage such as dropping the gun on concrete or face diving into a bunker and breaking the gun in half. Warranty does not cover damage that occurs as part of a disaster such as an auto accident, house fire, hurricane, etc. Warranty does not cover a marker that has been taken apart and put back together incorrectly.

Product Warranty is restricted to the original purchaser. You must have proof of purchase including a valid receipt.

AGD products purchased second hand online via Ebay or forums like PB Nation are not covered under warranty. Some products purchased from an authorized reseller are covered. Please have proof of original purchase. Products sold by resellers that have been modified from factory original AGD standards and with aftermarket parts or accessories may be void of warranty. Before purchasing such a product make sure the reseller will warranty the product or check with AGD for warranty eligibility.

All warranty factory repair work performed near the end of the original factory warranty period will be warranted for 90 days.

The customer is responsible for all shipping and handling charges or fees associate with in and out of warranty service.

Modifications and aftermarket parts and accessories may void warranty at our discretion. See below.

We will not perform any type of service on a marker which has been reported stolen. Markers in question will be turned over to the authorities for investigation.

All markers sent in for service are subject to repair fees. If a marker is under the warranty time period and the repair or service is deemed appropriate for warranty service we can consider waiving any fees for warranty. Warranty service is solely at the discretion of AGD USA INC.

Aftermarket parts and accessories:

In many cases, aftermarket accessories and replacement parts, do not cause a problem and will not void the warranty. Many aftermarket parts and accessories are available. We have no problem with aftermarket parts being installed in our markers. However, please keep your stock parts on hand and replace them first if you have problems with your marker. If we determine that an aftermarket part is causing the problem, the repairs will require at least the rebuild fee per schedule below.

Do not send in Airgun Designs markers equipped with aftermarket electronic frames for warranty or factory service. If you want us to repair your marker, please install a stock grip frame. Any marker with an electronic trigger frame will be repackaged and shipped back to the customer without any work being performed on the marker. NO EXCEPTIONS!!

Customers MUST call or submit the online form to obtain a Warranty Return Authorization# (WRA#) number before sending any marker, valve, accessory or part to us for repairs. Any product coming to the factory without a WRA# may cause significant delays in getting the marker repaired and shipped back to the customer.

If we are unable to obtain payment information from you within 90 days after the date we first contact you asking for that information, your repaired product will be considered "abandoned property" and will be disposed of at our discretion to cover the charges you incurred.

This warranty policy is subject to change or update without notice.

Updated 8/1/2016