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12v Charger Cord

Standard type car cigarette lighter adaptor cord. Plugs into battery recharger.

Price: $10.00
Battery Assy Bolt 2-Pack

The long bolts that hold the battery housing together.
Sold in packs of 2.

Price: $4.00
Battery Saver Plug 2-Pack

This is the pin that turns the battery on and off. Make sure you remove before flight!

Price: $4.00
E-Mag On/Off Assembly .712

On/off assembly for your Emag! Includes .712 pin and Quad o-ring.

Price: $35.00
E-Mag Selector Switch

This shaft controls if the marker is in electronic or manual mode. Be
careful when removing as there are springs and ball detents under this

Price: $15.00
Emag Battery Charger Kit

We are no longer selling complete battery chargers. We are now offering a rebuild kit for the battery charger that includes a new board, screws, washers, and nuts to make your charger work like new.

Price: $60.00
Emag Battery O-Ring 2-Pack

This O-ring goes under the battery pack inside the battery housing so the battery does not rattle and makes good contact.

Price: $1.00
Emag Battery Pack

This is a complete NiMh battery pack w/ contacts.
Don't forget to recharge before use.

Price: $89.00
Emag Grip Screw 6-Pack

Emag grips use three per side.

Price: $3.00
Emag Grips (Pair)

Rubber Emag grips, sold by the pair. Includes 6 Emag grip screws at no extra charge.

Price: $30.00
Emag Jumper-Burst Mode

Circuit board jumper that activates burst mode.

Price: $3.00
Not available
Emag Magnet 2-Pack

Super strong rare earth magnet that is used to adjust trigger tension. Take them out for less, add them for more tension. (Three shown in picture, price shown is for two.)

Price: $6.00
Emag Sear Assembly

Fully assembled and ready to install into an Emag rail. Uses an Emag/RT Pro Sear Axle Pin (part # 000775 - order below). Does NOT fit into an Automag or Minimag rail.

Price: $55.00
Emag Sear Lock

If you are able to see the red line, the marker is off safe and will fire. Be careful when removing this shaft - there are springs and ball detents in the frame.

Price: $7.00
Emag Solenoid

Soleniod that pulls the sear to fire the marker. Must be soldered to the PC board.  Assembly includes the solenoid clip #001470 (not pictured).

Price: $65.00
Emag Trigger Assembly

Entire ready-to-go trigger assembly. Includes magnets. Does not come in colors.

Price: $45.00
Emag Trigger Magnet Assembly

Magnet assembly that threads in existing Emag/Xmag triggers. Comes ready to install.

Price: $10.00
Emag Trigger Pin

The axle for the sear. The original pin needs to be pressed out from the right side of the marker (side without the Emag logo on valve). The new pin gets pressed in from the left side.

Price: $1.00
Emag/RT Pro/RT Sear Axle Pin

Screws in the side of the marker into the sear bushing.

Price: $7.00
Extender Button 2-Pack

The little buttons in the back of the grip frame that are used to change the program settings.  
Sold in packs of 2.

Price: $4.00
Field Strip Screw Assembly

The Field Strip Screw holds your valve in place. Also fastens the Emag battery to the frame.

Price: $9.00
Hall Harness

This is the sensor that detects the magnet in the back of the trigger to fire the marker. Comes as a complete assembly.

Price: $15.00
Hall Holder / Bottom

The bottom half of the holder for Hall Effect Sensor.

Price: $5.00
Hall Holder/ Top

The top half of the sensor holder.

Price: $5.00
Hall Mount Bolt

Bolt that holds the Hall Effect sensor mounts.

Price: $0.50
LED Window

Window inside of rubber grip that protects the LED display.

Price: $4.00
Metal Frame Safety Spring

Spring that goes under the ball detent in the safety.

Price: $1.00
Nylon Bushing 2-Pack

Insulator bushing for the battery contact screw in the front of the Emag grip frame.

Price: $1.00
Nylon Washer 2-Pack

This is the other half of the insulator for the battery terminal mounting in the front of the grip frame.

Price: $1.00
On/Off Pin - Emag .712

Direct replacement for EMag and Xmag measures .712 in length.

Price: $8.00