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Level 10 Bolt Kit
Level 10 Bolt Kit
Price: $100.00

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Product Code: 001682

The Level 10 Low Impact Bolt Kit reduces paint chopping. A completely mechanical method of slowing bolt speed if the bolt encounters resistance, such as a ball not all the way in the breach. When fully activated and adjusted properly, the bolt will stop and reset instead of chopping the paintball in half. This is not a "drop-in and shoot" part. The level 10 bolt will require slight adjustments to maximize it's performance. The system can be adjusted to maximize the anti-chop effect when shooting extremely brittle paint, at the cost of efficiency or more balanced with higher efficiency when not shooting brittle paint. For the average player, the system should be set-up to work with the gold spring. This will maximize efficiency. We successfully shoot 3 star, 4 Star, Graffiti and Redemption with this set-up. The red spring can be used when shooting an extremely brittle paint. This will consume more gas but will create a higher level 10 effect to slow the bolt. . The Level 10 system includes 5 carrier sizes to cover a range of oring variances when sizing to your bolt. Download the install guide and sizing chart below. Sizes currently included in the kit are #1.5, #1.0, #0.5, #0 and #00. Other sizes listed may be available for individual purchase depending on your needs. The kit also includes the gold and red main springs.
Kit contents:
1 - #002011 LVL 10 Bolt with Foamie
1 - #000127 Foamie
1 - #002005 Spring Red
1 - #000798 Spring Gold
2 - #000844 LVL 10 PT oring (also Reg seat oring)
1ea - carrier size #1.5 #1.0 #.5 #0 #00
5 - #002000 Carrier O.D. orings installed on carriers
2 - #001694 Back-up Washer
5 - #001695 .010 Powertube Shim
1 - #00212 LVL 10 Powertube Tip

NOTE: The level 10 will not work with guns fitted with a powertube restrictor such as Sydarms or Field Rental Automags.
LEVEL 10 bolts systems are compatible with all Automag valves types including the Classic 68, Classic RT, Retro, RT PRO, Emag and X-valve. Any variations of these valves that are simply lasered differently are also compatible.

Level 10 Install and Carrier Identification Guide