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X-Valve - In production - No Specific ETA - Hopefully very soon!
X-Valve - In production - No Specific ETA - Hopefully very soon!
01/2024 Valves are still out.  No specific ETA yet on completion or availability.
Price: $325.00

Status:(Out of Stock)

Product Code: 001103

The X-Valve is a revolutionary design making it one of the fastest and most capable paintball valves ever made. The X-Valve incorporates Reactive Trigger technology (RT). Reactive Trigger technology allows the user to adjust their trigger pull based on input pressure and activation on/off pin length. Users can adjust from crazy rates of fire down to single pull, single shot configurations. All while maintaining a consistent velocity and a recharge rate that's faster than any gun on the planet (we think so at least!). The X-Valve also comes with the LvL 10 Bolt System. Level 10 is another AGD ground breaking mechanical paintball valve technology that almost all but reduces paintball breakage to zero. Level 10 adjusts bolt speeds down enough to bounce back off of misfed paintballs thus reducing breakage. Combine RT tech and Level 10 tech with a lightweight design and simple slide in replacement ease and you have quite possibly the most ingenious paintball technology ever produced.

Valves do NOT come with thumb screws or sears. Includes 5 carriers total as o-ring sizes are more controlled today. IMPORTANT NOTES: Warning: The X-Valve will not fit into a Classic Automag RT. (It WILL fit an RT Pro.) If you have a Classic RT, please do NOT order an X-Valve. Instead, consider purchasing an XM Automag custom marker. The X-valve will only run on compressed air or Nitrogen - not CO2. X-Valves have the air inlet on the right hand side. If you are going to use the X-Valve in an Emag or RT Pro, KEEP YOUR ON/OFF ASSEMBLY. The assembly provided with the X-Valve kit may have the wrong size on/off pin for your marker.
Installation of an X-valve will require installation and fitting of the Level 10 bolt kit.