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Automag Classic O-Ring Replacement Kit - One Rebuild -L7-TLB-MS
Automag Classic O-Ring Replacement Kit - One Rebuild -L7-TLB-MS
Price: $25.00

Product Code: 000303

Classic 68 Automag or Minimag one time rebuild kit.
Some barrels require two nubbins. You may only need to use one.
There are four powertube orings. Two are used in the on/off and one in the powertube itself. The spare can be saved for an extra PT oring or it is possible if you have the stepped brass powertube tip it will work to replace that PT tip oring. If you have the tapered level 7 powertube tip you will use part #000781 for that PT tip oring. It is one size larger. The older the gun the more likely you have the stepped PT tip. The tapered tip is the most current.
2023 - The kit has been adjusted recently in qty to reflect current increases in pricing.

L7 = Level 7 Bolt
TLB = Twist Lock Barrel
MS = Gold Main spring

Here is the list of what you get:
1 Reg. Piston O-rings - #000113
1 Reg. Body O-ring #000115
1 Reg. Seats - #000116
1 Bumper - #000122
4 Power Tube O-rings - #000123
2 Teflon O-rings - #000140
2 Barrel O-rings - #000157
1 LVL 7/LVL10 PT Tip Oring #000781
1 Bolt Spring - #000798
2 Plastic nubbins - #001605