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RT O-Ring Replacement Kit - One Complete Rebuild - L7-TLB-MS
RT O-Ring Replacement Kit - One Complete Rebuild - L7-TLB-MS
Price: $30.00

Product Code: 000572

All the O-rings and parts you might need for your RT Classic or RT Pro with level 7 and twist lock barrels and Main Spring
This kit is also good for Retro valves with level 7 and twist lock barrels.
L7 = Level 7 Bolt - #000123 powertube oring - (NO PARTS FOR LEVEL 10 BOLTS)
TLB = Twist Lock barrel - includes 2 barrel orings and 2 nubbins
MS = Gold Main Spring

*X-valve kits may be more suitable for RT Pro X and RT Pro's with X-valves and ULE bodies. X-valves kits are needed for all RT ULE's and Tac One's or basically any valve that is RT and runs with a level 10 bolt and is using a ULE style body.

**If your gun is a "mixture" of levels and parts, you may need to order extra individual parts with any kit to complete a rebuild and there may be parts in a kit that you cannot use.

Kit Includes:
#157 3 Barrel O-rings/Reg Adjuster
#780 3 Field Strip Banjo O-rings
#123 2 Power Tube O-rings
#113 1 Reg. Piston O-ring
#844 1 Reg. Seat O-rings/LVL 10 PT carrier oring
#782 1 Reg. Body O-ring
#798 1 Bolt Spring
#796 1 RT Bumper (yes, it's different)
#778 1 RT On/Off Small O-rings
#779 4 RT Reg. Valve Pin,on/off O-rings
#773 1 RT Reg. Valve Pin Spacer
#1605 2 Plastic Nubbins
#781 1 LVL 7/LVL10 PT Tip oring