Autolube Powered by Outlast - 2oz Synthetic Oil
Autolube Powered by Outlast - 2oz Synthetic Oil
Price: $14.00

Product Code: OLAGD0204-2

2oz Larger Bottle. Picture shows 1oz bottle next to the larger 2oz bottle. Only one 2oz bottle is included in this product order.
New Autolube Powered by Outlast. 100 percent synthetic formula. It's always a good idea to keep your marker lubed properly. On a Standard Mag - Oil your on/off assembly and powertube orings directly. On an RT ULE - Oil the regulator pin assembly, On/Off Assembly and Powerube Carrier and orings. Please note: The springs and springpack and regulator piston in the back/regulator section of the valves require synthetic grease. Sold by liquid volume. 2oz bottle.