DElayed shipping until 1/16/2018

Orders place from 1/6 through 1/16 will be delayed for shipment. AGD will be away during the time and unable to ship. Please be aware of this if placing an order during this time frame. Orders place before Friday January 5th at 5pm will be shipped out. Excluding new gun builds, those will be delayed also. Thanks! Sandman AGD

Airgun Designs

Welcome to the website for Airgun Designs USA sales! AGD is working to provide all the parts for your Automag variations as well as adding a few new parts and building custom guns . Parts will go in and out of inventory at times. If you need something you don't see shoot us a request. Specific and detailed instructions may not be available through this site. Visit the forum for technical assistance or send us an email and we'll provide help.

Custom Builds

Looking for options you don't see? Send us an Email with your request and we'll see what we can do to help you get the build you want.

International Shipping

We've recently added several International Shipping options via USPS for several countries.
Currently France, United Kingdom, Sweden and Canada are available.
We are testing out the system. Please let us know if we can add your country
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